API Launched

January 21, 2011

Granted it’s been a year in the making (which is ridiculous when it was only a 15 minute job), but we’ve now launched an API for to shorten URLs instantly when used with a twitter console such as Tweetdeck.

To use with Tweetdeck, open up Settings, Services, drop down to ‘Other’ in URL Shortening section, and stick in the box – sorted

Might get round to doing a write up for the API and possibly returning results in json or XML, but that will depend if theirs a need for it or I can be arsed :)

URL Shortening Service for Adult / Porn Links

January 24, 2010

It’s what the world has been missing! don’t allow pornographic or adult natured sites to have a short URL assigned through their service, but ever one to fill the demand, we’ve launched!

From what we can find on t’interweb, we’re the first URL shortening service dedicated to adult and porn sites. We’ve been responsible with it too, and have included an intermediary warning page alterting users that they’re being redirected through to an adult site. Feel free to try it out for yourself – will take you through to PornHub.

Updates still to come:

  • Share on Twitter
  • Pro account to track URL’s
  • Report URL functionality
  • Contact Us

If there’s any other updates you fancy, just drop us a shout and we’ll see what we can do

Long Break

January 11, 2010

Well, as you may have seen from the date of the last post that we’ve not done many updates for a while – and that’s because we haven’t! We decided to give ourselves a much deserved long break over the Christmas period as we’ve been working our ass off on other things, so haven’t been able to dedicate much time to developing Pyrno.

However, 2010 is a new year and we’re starting to get back into the swing of things now. We’re currently in the middle of building our Adult Advertsing platform (our equivalent to Adwords) and hopefully should have that live and serving your ads in the future. Granted, we could have just installed an off-the-shelf clone script such as Adshoker or Adbrite – but what’s the point if it’s not going to do everything we want to give to our webmasters??


Problem Solved – well sort of!

October 8, 2009

Well, we’ve got to the bottom of the problem – the database was corrupt. You may be asking “well why don’t you just upload the backup – surely you have a backup?” Well yes, we do smart-arse, but the bad news is that the backup was taken of a faulty database so that just uploaded the old faults again.

On a positive note, a list of all of the previously indexed sites has been restored and a re-index of the database is taking place as we speak. Normal service should return shortly!

No Results!

October 5, 2009

Although site indexing is still cracking on, for some reason the site is now returning no results when searched. This is currently being looked into and is out number one priority – we will post an update as soon as we’ve discovered the issue.